Get your MI Rocks Rock! Rock Sets NOW!

MI Rocks Rock! is brought to you in partnership by Michigan Construction and Michigan Aggregates Association. In an effort to introduce children of all ages to the possibilities in construction, and get them interested in the industry, Michigan Construction and Michigan Aggregates association are giving away FREE MI Rocks Rock! starter sets to classrooms across the state.

The MI Rocks Rock! starter set includes 10 rocks and minerals that can be found across our great state of Michigan. Kids can play with the rocks in the set, learn about where you can find them and what their uses are, then set off on their own adventures to find these rocks and minerals near where they live. They also receive take home post cards so they can become a rock hunter in their own back yard. They can find different kinds of rocks, and look them up to understand where it comes from and what it’s main uses are. 

Any teacher that requests a MI Rocks Rock! starter set will also have access to informational PDFs about each rock or mineral.

Don't forget to download the information PDFs - available in both individual pages below and a comprehensive booklet for additional teaching or take home materials. Each PDF includes a map of Michigan that highlights where these rocks and minerals can be found, as well as some fun facts! 

Download Full Booklet

Please fill out the form below to request a set to keep in your classroom. (Sets are reserved on first come first basis and will be delivered throughout the year)

Thank you again for being a part of this program, please feel free to email us at if you have any questions!